Concept of Service Apartments

Now a days the choosing a service apartment with all ready facility and fully furnished place is in the trend. Everyone just wants buy a fully furnished house like a hotel and just wants to shift in that, no one wants to take so many burdens of making house and purchasing goods for house etc. So these kind of apartments are known as service apartments or studios


Concept of service apartment is in the trend in country, specially in those people who want to live a luxury life in affordable price. Normally the studios or service apartments are come in single unit, means you can get a bedroom or dining space in that. The size can be 300-600 sq. feet.


The main thing is, there is no another wall to make it apart between, in the studio or service apartment. But you can make partitions if you want. And there is also a choice in that, you can make it permanent or if you want you can make it folding. If you need privacy or you have may guests at your house so you can make partitions in the house. So don’t think about “no privacy” if you are going to buy a service apartment.


Why to invest in service apartment:



  • A Home for short time


A serviced apartment is a home that is well fitted & furnished with kitchenette, bathrooms and more open than a room in a hotel. Equipped with all the modern technology of communications such as broadband, telephone and fax etc.

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